Las Vegas Motor Speedway Laps for Chairty Event January 30, 2011

On January 30th Las Vegas Mostor Speedway hosted a Laps for charity event for Speedway Childrens Charities. For a donation of $30. you were able to bring your street legal car onto the Speedway track for 3 laps at speeds up to 75mph.

Here are the pictures I took while there, I arrived about 11:15, coming in off of Las Vegas BLVD. I got in line behind a Hummer H1

Behind me were some Lotus', Corvettes, and other vehicles inline, they came off the freeway direction to the track.
Being in the tunnel:
Coming out the tunnel and being welcomed to the track and Neon Garage

Some police cars left at the track, I guess they do some training there.
Not going that way, I'm not media ;).

Part of the grandstands
The cars thta were waiting for me we were held behind as they were allowed to the staging lanes.
A Crossfire:

New Camaro:

A few of the cars in line ahead of me as I was driving to the back of the line, I thought this was going to be popular but wasnt ready for it.

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2011 Philip Cutler