Las Vegas Motor Speedway Laps for Chairty Event January 30, 2011

As I was waiting time to get in line, cars were already on the track:
A Rolls Royce:
A Old Hudson (I think):

There were several clubs there I guess as this group all got to go on the track together:
They had a Delorean with them even (Love the Gull Wings) 1 Point 21 Jiggawatts!:
This guy in a Corvette had a camera mounted to the top of his car and some outlines of the tracks he's been on, wish I had done that!:
A Group of Smart Cars:
and a group of Cooper Mini's, a big group, way to go:

Here's the Smart cars and Coopers on the track. The Smart Cars look small when next to them, but on the track they look even smaller!
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2011 Philip Cutler