Las Vegas Motor Speedway Laps for Chairty Event January 30, 2011

The weather was pretty nice, a bit windy but the sky was clear after a cloudy morning:
These are the cars waiting in the staging lanes, signing the forms, paying their dues.

I liked the license plate on this car, I like reading them on the road also:

More different cars in line, I think these are old Datsuns but they could be MG's or Triumphs also:

I got to enter the staging lanes, warning "This area is restricted beyond this point"!

Another nice ride, flames make it go faster:

They had a couple of vendors at the front giving out their advertising (and free Coke Cola!). A Nice Challanger dolled up for Pole Position Racetrack in Las Vegas, 92.3 KOMP was there, and Sunbugg Rentals.

Another Delorean going by:

Some companies/employees brought their work vehicles to the track, here's Edible Arrangements:

The "Pit Boss" was there, of course, and was getting his picture taken in cars, they had to be convertable as they probably wouldn't fit in a covered car:

I was told there was a Chevy HHR meet down in Laughlin over the weekend and some showed up for the event:

Some other nice rides that went by:
A Cobra:
and Jaguar A Shelby Cobra Coupe:
Here's someone proud to be an American:

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2011 Philip Cutler (other than Cashman photos above)