Las Vegas Motor Speedway Laps for Chairty Event January 30, 2011

Other cars on the track, I don't know what they were, just taking random pictures:
The hummer in front of me made it onto the track:

I finally get to make it onto the track!
Look at the banking there, pretty steep!

Here's a shot of the fences, I got to about 1/2 car width of them at speed.

And we got off the track here and you can see the next batch to gou out:

You can get your picture taken in "Victory Lane", I chose not to do this though, here's the waiting line:

As I left here's another shot of a firetruck at the track and some more of the grand stands:

Cashman photo was there taking pictures of the cars on the track, I found mine:
(images copyright by Cashman Photos)

Leaving the track after having fun on it: Here's the track from the tunnel area:

See ya Soon!!

I plan on going next year!

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2011 Philip Cutler (other than Cashman photos above)